Here is our complete range of loudness meters and processors - hardware as well as software

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aNorm - Adaptive Loudness Normalization

aNorm™ Adaptive Loudness Normalization for DB6 is not just A new norm. It's THE new norm for loudness processing. It's a new adaptive approach to loudness normalization, and it's easier to set up and use than any other loudness correction solution. At the same time, it delivers stellar audio quality and keeps you safely within the boundaries of international loudness standards and legislation.

aNorm also introduces a whole new way of visualizing pre and post loudness processing: the beautiful Butterfly MeterTM shows you exactly what happens to the program and why.

  • If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It - allorm Hits the Loudness Target without Squashing Your Audio.
  • Two Main Parameters. One Amazing Result - Set Loudness and LRA Targets and You're Good to Go!
  • Butterfly: Next-Generation Metering - Loudness Processing Meter. Get an Instant Overview of Your Audio Pre & Post Processing.

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Loudness Pilot

Loudness Pilot is the perfect solution for broadcast stations that need hassle-free mono and stereo loudness control.

At a highly competitive price point, you can deliver great-sounding, loudness-compliant audio in dual stereo.

In other words, it's the Loudness Solution for Local and Regional Broadcasters: Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Use and Tailored for Stereo.

  • Perfect Loudness Management for Stereo & Mono - Cost Effective Loudness Control and True Peak Limiting for Multi-Platform delivery.
  • Ultra-Low Latency. Ultra-High Redundancy - Flexible routing. 3G SDI or AES. Hardware relay bypass. Dual power supply.
  • Comply with Loudness Standards - Become compliant today. Stay compliant tomorrow.

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Loudness Radar Meter

Our Loudness Radar Meter applies to many different hardware units, including TC TouchMonitor TM7 &TM9, LM2, DB6, D84 MKII, DB8 MKII, LM2 and System 6000 MKII. Further, the Radar Loudness Meter is available as the LM5D plug-in for Pro Tools (TDM) as well as the LM6n and LM2n cross-platform plug-in that supports VST, AA)< and AU formats.

Also, a special version of the Loudness Radar Meter is included with Adobe Premier Pro CC and Adobe Audition CC.

For a detailed walkthrough of the Radar Loudness Meter's functionality and the benefits it has to offer, please read this article by our HD Development Manager, Thomas Lund, which was published by Broadcast Engineering December 2011.

  • Complete Loudness Overview-Loudness History, Momentary Loudness, True-peak Level
  • Universal Descriptors - Display Program Loudness, LRA, Max Loudness, Sliding Loudness, etc.
  • Logging - Keep Track of Your Loudness Stats
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DB6 Broadcast Audio Processor

Let DB6 manage your audio loudness to stay compliant with broadcast standards and legislation at all times, without sacrificing audio quality.

DB6 handles up to three SD/HD/3G streams in a single rack space unit. It measures and adjusts audio formats, loudness and true-peak level automatically, at the same time logging stats for documentation and evaluation.

DB6 is an addition to our highly acclaimed DB family of processors that includes DB2DB4 and DB8.

DB processors have been used 24/7 at numerous world-leading broadcast stations for more than a decade and you can operate them from one constantly developing user interface.

  • One-Step Loudness Management- Plug & Play with the Powerful LoudnessWizard Algorithm
  • True Value - Cost-Effective, High-Density, Audio at Its finest
  • Forever Compliant - Be Compliant Today, Stay Compliant Tomorrow

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The DB4/8 MKII units are state-of-the-art transmission processors. They allow you to measure loudness, correct accordingly to various broadcast standard and convert seamlessly between formats.

The only difference between DB4 MKII and DB8 WO is the number of processors.Both units provide the absolute maximum level of 'operational safety' with dual power inlets, dual Swiss-made Pabst fans and dual fuses to make sure that no matter what happens, DB4/8 MKII keep monitoring, measuring and processing your live feed.

Both units also feature a wide variety of I/O formats and physical connectors, including SDI, AES/EBU, Coax, BNC and Sub-D. Our LM6 Radar Loudness Meter is also included with both units and as an option, our renowned TC Icon hardware can be connected for ultimate hands-on control.

  • Measure - LM6 Loudness Radar Meter
  • Correct - ALC6 Automatic Loudness Correction
  • Convert - Any Format for Any Platform
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Broadcast 6000

Broadcast 6000 is a tailor-made version of System 6000 MKII that is optimized for production with broadcast in mind. It comes fully equipped and gives you a wealth of pristine algorithms.

Broadcast 6000 also facilitates live program mixing, making it the ideal solution for sports, gameshows or concerts. Ultimately, during live transmission, Broadcast 6000 becomes your number one toolbox as well as your safety net.

Also, by adding more speakers you can upgrade any conventional OB van or stereo editing suite to a full-blown 5.1 studio with loudness meters and calibrated listening.

  • Tailored for Broadcast - Equally Great for Post Production and Live Program Mixing
  • Cover Your Bases - Loudness Metering, Logging & Correction, Upconversion & Downm ix, Monitor Controller
  • System 6000 MKII Platform -The Audio Backbone of Thousands of Film and Music Studios Around the World

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DB2 puts all of the tools necessary for trouble-free broadcasting into one rack-mountable unit, and adds to a scalable family of processors covering from regional stations to network centers, from Pod-cast to HDTV, from AC3 to linear, and from mono to 5.1. DB2 is the perfect choice for dual mono or stereo operation in MPEG, MC, AC3 or linear audio transmission and linking and offers high-quality loudness correction without metadata dependence.

  • Automatic Loudness Correction - Consistant Loudness without the Hassle
  • Compliant - ITU BS.1770, EBU R128, ATSC A/85, etc.
  • Upgradeable - If Your Needs Grow, Upgrade from DB2 to DB4 or DB8

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P2 - Level Pilot

S-Band Loudness Controller and Limiter. P2 is a Real-time Loudness Controller, Multiband Processor and True-peak Limiter designed for use in video and post production.

P2 gives you dedicated processing and presets for working within various international broadcast standards at an impressive latency of only 0.8 ms. The most audio-friendly and the least work-intensive way to simulcast to multiple platforms is known as trickle-down processing. P2 also includes trickle-down presets for Mobile and iPod platforms.

The unit features one-key set-and-forget operation, while keeping hundreds of presets and parameters available for a system installer or the station's audio engineer. Units are easily cloned, facilitating maintenance of a large studio complex.

  • Automatic Loudness Correction - Consistant Loudness without the Hassle
  • Compliant - ITU BS.1770, EBU R128, ATSC A/85, etc.
  • Upgradeable - If Your Needs Grow, Upgrade from DB2 to DB4 or DB8

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