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High-End Native Plug-In Collection

Our native plug-in collection consists of award-winning algorithms from our legendary System 6000, TC legacy catalogue and Midas Consoles. This is a comprehensive collection of algorithms with pristine TC sound quality for editing, mixing and mastering music and film.

TC Electronic was among the first few companies to make plug-ins for Pro Tools in the late 90s. Later these plug-ins would lay the foundations for our renowned Powercore series. Today's studios mainly use plug-ins that run natively on the computer.

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Icon series
The Icon Series, Remote Controlled Plug-Ins

The Icon Series gives you hands-on experience for your plug-ins, improving workflow and inspiration in your projects. They are equally powerful in the studio and live mix setups for Front of House. The series consists of award winning TC effects, mix bus and mastering processing, as well as Midas consoles channel strips. The sleek desktop units give you all the key parameters right at your fingertips.

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Clarity M Series
Clarity M, Professional Audio Metering

The CLARITY M series provides a comprehensive set of precision tools essential to the success of any audio producer. The series is ideally suited to stereo, 5.1 mixing, mastering and post-production while being an excellent companion in live and broadcast too. They are exceptional hardware stand-alone desktop meters that seamlessly integrate with your DAW workflow via a dedicated plug-in. This way, the meter is always present and not hiding behind other important windows on your computer.

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Monitor Controller Series
Monitor Controller Series

LEVEL PILOT and MONITOR PILOT represent elegant, convenient and great sounding solutions that fit into any active speaker setup. They can be set up quickly and easily with minimal clutter and wires. In addition, MONITOR PILOT features calibrated listening that will allow you to make informed and better decisions when mixing and mastering your productions. All this whilst allowing full control right at your fingertips. Many world-leading sound studios have used TC Electronic monitor controller technology over the past several decades.

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