TC Electronic Naill Flynn Intro

Niall Flynn is a skilled mixing engineer, producer, and sound designer with years of experience under his belt. Niall got his start at the renowned Sarm Studios in London, where he was mentored. It was here that he gained his first major credits working for artists such as Tina TurnerSealPet Shop BoysGary Moore and Shane MacGowan. It is clear that Niall is no stranger to big stars, but perhaps the most important relationship in his career began in 1994 when Niall first met George Michael. The pair had a strong connection from the start, which would later lead to Niall leaving Sarm Studios to co-found Aegean Records with George. During this time, he also had the opportunity to co-write a number of songs with George, including "Freeek," "American Angel," and "Easier Affair." The two would continue to work closely together until George's untimely passing.

TC Electronic Niall Flynn Thailand

Niall is currently based in Thailand, where he runs his own studio, Graffiti Bridge. We travelled there to meet him and get a rare glimpse into his life. Watch this video where we sit down and talk to Niall about what it was like to work alongside George Michael.

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Niall is an avid TC Electronic user, with his knowledge dating back to the renowned System 6000 that was reserved for the high-end studios of the Millennia. Now the algorithms that made the System 6000 have been updated to run natively on your personal computers. This was never possible back in the heyday of this rare piece of outboard due to the limitations of computational power available. Niall talks us through some of his favourite TC plug-ins and builds his own pre-set in this next video.

Niall talks is through some of his favourite TC plug-ins and builds his own pre-set in this next video.

Niall Flynn Talks about how he uses the Clarity M Loudness Meter in the studio:

TC Electronic Niall Flynn Profile

Name: Niall Flynn
Role: Mix engineer, Producer, Songwriter
Artists: George Michael, Tina Turner, Seal, Pet Shop Boys, Gary Moore, Shane McGowan
Studio: Graffiti Bridge Studio
Gear: VSS3 reverb  Plug-in, TC2290-DT , DVR250 , Clarity M Loudness meter